Troubleshooting Disposable Vapes

Surprisingly, although straightforward, disposable vapes are not exempt from the Monday morning malfunction. So our team has compiled the most frequently reported disposable vape issues & created the ultimate troubleshooting guide.

LED Indicator is blinking

Ahh, the dreaded blinking light of death. While many use a blinking light to signify the battery is dead, we have seen a few disposables blinking due to the coil being detached from its circuit, either way, it's toast!

Is your rechargeable/disposable vape not working immediately upon opening? It's likely a manufacturing defect. In this case, you’ll want to return your vape for a refund or exchange.


Burning taste

The typical cause for most vapes tasting burnt is the coil. Unfortunately, unlike more elaborate pod mods, most disposable vapes don’t offer the ability to swap out coils.

At this point, it's pretty much a goner, but to squeeze the last few hits of a disposable, we recommend leaving the device to sit for 30 minutes, allowing any remaining juice to saturate the coil before hitting it again.

Muted flavour & weak hits

Sometimes, a disposable device won’t hit or maintain a weak hit because air bubbles in the cartridge prevent airflow, and those bubbles block the airflow sensor.

We recommend flicking or tapping the side of the cartridge to get rid of air bubbles. You can also set the device down for several minutes to allow the wick to absorb more juice. If you do this and the device still doesn’t hit, it’s time for a fresh one.

Battery Safety Guide

Auto firing

A disposable will usually only autofire when there is a malfunction with the draw activation sensor. This commonly happens when the user has blown into the device instead of sucking, causing juice to cover the draw activation sensor.

While many have reported the issue resolving after a few hits, it can also cause irreversible damage to the wicking material, lowering or blocking the overall airflow of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my disposable vape not producing any vapor?

A: There could be a few reasons why your disposable vape is not producing vapor. First, check if the device is fully charged or if the battery needs to be replaced. Also, ensure that the device is properly activated by inhaling on the mouthpiece. If the issue persists, it is possible that the vape is empty and needs to be replaced.

Q: What should I do if my disposable vape tastes burnt?

A: A burnt taste from a disposable vape usually indicates that the heating element or coil is damaged or worn out. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to fix this issue, as disposable vapes are not designed to be repaired. It is best to dispose of the vape and replace it with a new one.

Q: Why is my disposable vape leaking?

A: Leaking in disposable vapes can occur due to a few reasons. One possibility is that the device has been damaged or dropped, causing a break in the internal components or the seal. Another reason could be overfilling the vape, as excessive liquid can cause leakage. To prevent leaking, make sure to handle the vape carefully and avoid overfilling it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Q: How can I fix a clogged disposable vape?

A: If your disposable vape is clogged and not producing vapor, try taking a few gentle puffs without inhaling to clear any blockage. You can also try tapping the vape gently against a solid surface to dislodge any trapped particles. If these methods do not work, it is best to dispose of the vape and replace it with a new one.

Q: Why is my disposable vape battery not lasting as long as expected?

A: The battery life of a disposable vape can vary depending on factors such as usage habits, the capacity of the battery, and the quality of the device. If you notice that your disposable vape battery is not lasting as long as expected, it could be due to a faulty or low-quality device. To maximize battery life, try using shorter and less frequent puffs, and store the vape in a cool and dry place when not in use.

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