20 x 11MG Übbs Strong Nicotine Pouches



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Experience the invigorating taste of Übbs Strong Nicotine Pouches, each delivering 11mg of nicotine. Each pack contains 20 easy-to-use pouches, providing a swift and satisfying nicotine release without smoke or odors. Ideal for those seeking a cleaner alternative to tobacco, Übbs Pouches are discreet and easy to enjoy, offering a tobacco-free nicotine experience. With a variety of flavors and a design focused on convenience, these pouches are perfect for a modern, smoke-free nicotine experience.

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      Übbs 11mg Specification

      Using Übbs

      Place one pouch under your top or bottom lip. Position the pouch to the side of your lip for comfort. Remove after 30 to 60 minutes.

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      About Übbs

      Übbs is a dynamic brand in the nicotine pouch market, known for its innovative approach to smokeless nicotine products. The brand specializes in creating nicotine pouches, a modern alternative to traditional tobacco use. These pouches are designed to offer users a discreet, convenient, and cleaner nicotine experience.

      What sets Übbs apart is its commitment to quality and variety. The pouches are available in multiple strengths, catering to both new users and seasoned nicotine enthusiasts. They are also offered in a range of flavors, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable experience for every preference.

      The design of Übbs nicotine pouches emphasizes ease of use and discretion. Each pouch is small and unobtrusive, allowing users to enjoy nicotine without attracting attention. This feature makes Übbs products particularly appealing to those who seek a nicotine solution that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle, whether at work, social settings, or on the go.

      TPD Compliant

      None of the products we stock contains taurine or caffeine. They’re also all free from diacetyl, an ingredient that has been linked to multiple lung-related illnesses.

      Every product we sell has been submitted and notified to the MHRA for certification and has been passed and declared as TPD compliant.